Eos Structural Steel Knowledgebase 

DOWNLOAD THE DATASHEETThe Eos Structural Steel Knowledgebase, developed for use with Sage Estimating, is designed to support detailed estimating of steel for numerous types of projects. The knowledgebase supports conceptual estimating and detailed takeoff of steel. It is designed to address the needs of Engineering and Design firms as well as Installation Contractors.

The Eos Structural Steel Knowledgebase includes all shapes and sizes, as defined in the AISC manual, with supporting lookups of weights and surface areas. It includes steel bar joists, joist girders, and steel decking as defined in Vulcraft guides. The knowledgebase includes an extensive selection of various steel gratings, plus prefabricated grating stair treads. It includes fabrications such as handrails and ladders. It also includes high strength bolts and nuts, other fasteners and anchors, welding, cutting, drilling, coating, etc. The knowledgebase follows the Eos Group modular knowledgebase design specifications and can be expanded or merged with other modular knowledgebases without conflicts or renumbering.

The knowledgebase includes Smart Assemblies for steel framing and decking, steel joist and decking, gratings and platforms, stairs and landings.

The knowledgebase uses per pound and per ton pricing and prices are easily adjustable to current steel prices. Labor and equipment pricing is crew based with resource rate tables.

The knowledgebase contains:

126 phases
15,000 items
26 assemblies (6 groups)