Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase


Estimate a substation in five minutes

Watch our video to see how you can leverage a one-line design tool to generate detailed, accurate quantities, costs, and man-hours using the Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase in under five minutes.  



Interested in a more in depth look at the Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase? Watch this video on how to estimate a Switching Station.


Prepare detailed cost estimates in just minutes using the Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase

Developed for use with Sage Estimating, the Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase contains thousands of detailed items with crews, labor productivity rates, and material prices. It is ideal for electric utilities, design engineers, and contractors involved in electric power delivery (transmission and distribution) and related industrial work, from step-up transformers to point-of-use at medium or low voltage.

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The Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase provides parametric cost models for creating conceptual estimates as well as definitive, detailed estimates for transmission lines, switchyards, and substations. Models replace the time-consuming, item-by-item takeoff process and help you produce estimates in a fraction of the time.

The knowledgebase adheres to Eos Group’s modular design specifications and can be expanded or merged with other Eos Group modular knowledgebases without conflicts or renumbering.

The knowledgebase contains:

Over 32,000 items organized in 600 phases
Over 250 assemblies
Over 30 models
Microsoft Excel one-line design templates for substations and switchyards
Items, assemblies, and a model for enhanced substation security and protection