Eos Drywall & Metal Framing Knowledgebase

DOWNLOAD THE DATASHEETThe Eos Commercial  Drywall and Metal Framing Knowledgebase, developed for use with Sage Estimating, is designed for the Commercial Drywall or Interior Finish Contractor and General Contractor supporting Design/Build, conceptual and detailed estimates for partitions, ceilings, curtain walls and light gage structural framing.

The knowledgebase is structured to comply with the Construction Specifications Institute Masterformat Master List of Numbers and Titles for the Construction Industry (2004) and is designed to be compatible with other Eos Group knowlwdebases. Assemblies, formulas, etc. are designed to be compatible when combining with other Eos Group knowledge bases.

Knowledgebase Contents

  • All usual sizes and gages of metal studs and track, resilient channels, channel and Z furring, 12 gauge to 26 gauge, 1-5/8” to 16”
  • CurtainWall / Light Gage Structural Framing
  • Shaftwall / Stairwell Partition Systems
  • All usual types, thicknesses, and sizes of drywall boards
  • Various drywall accessories, fasteners, insulation, firesafing, and caulking

The knowledgebase includes representative drywall supplier pricing for materials. Items have price codes which can be used to regularly update supplier prices in the database. All materials are cross coded with bill of material codes and descriptions for reporting by material groupings and to enable material quote sheets. Labor pricing is crew based with resource rate tables.

  • Assemblies to construct virtually any type of metal stud wall construction
  • Assemblies which select curtain wall stud type and gage depending on spacing, deflection criteria, and wind load
  • Predefined wall construction assemblies for common types of wall construction so the estimator can speed through takeoff by defining the length only, optionally by using a digitizer
  • Predefined Soffit assemblies
  • Predefined Column Enclosure assemblies
  • Drywall ceiling assemblies
  • Hung Acoustic ceilings can be added
  • All assemblies complete with notes and diagrams

The USG Gypsum Construction Handbook was used as a reference for developing this database. Guidebooks from Dietrich and Marino were also incorporated.

The knowledgebase contains:
162 phases
3,000 items
89 assemblies (24 groups)