Cost Engineering partnered with several reputable organizations to develop a collection of robust, reliable knowledgebases (CESK, Cost Engineering Standard Knowledgebases) designed specifically for use with your Cleopatra Enterprise software. Cost Engineering’s partners continuously maintain the knowledgebase costs to ensure you’re working with the most current cost data.

  • The CESK Objects knowledgebase is ideal for high-level feasibility and conceptual estimating. Evaluate your project's viability using an object-oriented estimating approach. Using this approach, you can combine equipment costs with all related costs, such as piping, insulation, installation, etc., by selecting from a set of interactive options.
  • The CESK Composites knowledgebase is designed for quantitative estimating in high-level estimates. For the early phase of estimating (up to the conceptual phase), you can quickly estimate your project costs using CESK Composites. 
  • The CESK Bill of Quantities knowledgebase is used with output from engineering tools, such as bills of quantities or bills of materials. This knowledgebase contains everything you need to put a price tag on your basic or detailed design. It includes both materials and related activities (welding, cable connecting, handling, testing, etc.).
  • The CESK Unit-Rates knowledgebase is intended for bidding and detailed estimating. Use the included hours and rates, materials, and equipment rentals for all disciplines to create accurate cost estimates for your projects.
  • The CESK Process Equipment knowledgebase is used to estimate equipment in the conceptual phase. This knowledgebase contains all the data needed to determine the cost of your equipment. Use the built-in cost models to get specific equipment costs and quickly build a total installed cost estimate using W.E. Hand's factor estimating methodologies.
  • The CESK Offshore knowledgebase helps you estimate all your offshore and marine projects. It includes everything for estimating offshore pipe and cable laying, as well as platform installation works.
  • The CESK Engineering knowledgebase is perfect for estimating basic and detailed engineering work. Estimating the costs and labor for project execution is one thing, but a lot of effort occurs before project execution even begins. This knowledgebase provides a good basis for estimating your deliverables and helps increase the accuracy and efficiency of your engineering estimates.