Knowledgebases & Databases

Eos Group offers cost estimating knowledgebases and databases for the building and non-building (industrial) markets. Knowledgebases and databases include comprehensive data sets that can be linked to electronic pricing services and third-party data providers.

We can also convert RIB MC2 ICE databases into Sage Estimating format.

Eos Knowledgebases are built to serve as a library of definable construction activities based on historical and industry standard information. Knowledgebases include automation through Smart Assemblies and Models in the form of estimating methodologies. In addition to containing installation and procurement unit rates, Eos Knowledgebases include a collection of code and description information that allow the dependent estimates to be defined and organized (by Commodity, System, Job Classification, etc.). The knowledgebases also can be built to contain other custom and company-specific information that drives custom applications and reports.

Richardson Construction Estimating Standards are now available. For over 45 years, Richardson Standards are the premier cost data volumes for both general construction and process plant construction. Cost Data On Line, Inc. maintains them via on-line access.

RSMeans publishes more than 60 references on construction and facility management topics. Eos Group offers custom data conversion services for RSMeans databases which are now available in Sage Estimating format.