Eos P6 Integrator


Architects, engineers, contractors, and owners face the challenge of improving productivity in all phases of construction. In the preconstruction phase, productivity improvements trickle down to benefit the entire project. One significant factor is automating data sharing between software systems — in other words, interoperability.

Eos Group created Eos P6 Integrator, an optional Eos Explorer Extended module, to automate the data exchange between a Sage Estimating estimate and an Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Management schedule. Eos P6 Integrator streamlines the workflow between estimators and schedulers by eliminating many time-consuming, manual data integration steps. P6 Integrator provides full bi-directional data synchronization between Eos Explorer Extended and P6 via Oracle Primavera Web Services.


  • Create an estimate from an existing schedule by importing the WBS structure and activities from P6 into a Sage estimate.
  • Create a schedule from an existing Sage estimate by exporting the WBS structure, items, resources, expenses, notes, and other items directly into P6.
  • Update a P6 schedule when resources, costs, quantities, or scope changes in the Sage Estimating estimate.


  • Saves time: Data synchronization eliminates data re-entry in both the estimate and the schedule.
  • Reduces errors: Bi-directional integration enables translation of changes between Sage Estimating and P6.
  • Provides instant what-if analysis: Understand how changes to productivity factors, quantities, and materials impact the schedule in real-time.
  • Improves communication and coordination: Teams can focus on their primary responsibilities by viewing estimate changes within their chosen system.