Computer Guidance

Computer Guidance Exporter

Eos Group’s Computer Guidance (CGC) Exporter transfers budget data from Sage Estimating to Computer Guidance Corporation eCMS Accounting and Project Management solutions.

Eos CGC Exporter is a powerful stand-alone data tool that uses a single Sage Estimating estimate to generate a CGC eCMS import file. Eos Group technology maps and combines data from the various sources represented in the GCC import file.

The Eos CGC Exporter leverages Extensible Markup Language (XML) scripts to define and store rules for the data mapping and transformation. This best practice approach simplifies implementation and configuration, cuts cost, and eases long-term maintenance for our clients because the baseline code does not need to be modified or created from scratch.

Data validation from source files is automated into the Eos GCG Exporter ensuring that those files are properly prepared for import. Comprehensive error reporting and logging provides users and system administrators with the tools needed to support a dependable data integration between two complex enterprise systems.