Aspentech Capital Cost Estimator (KBase)

Aspentech Capital Cost Estimator (KBase®) Importer

Eos Group’s KBase® Importer provides an easy user interface to import conceptual design/engineering data from AspenTech’s Capital Cost Estimator (KBase®) to Sage Estimating.

Integration options support importing KBase® estimate data to the Sage Estimating format from a standard Capital Cost Estimator (KBase®) export file through a simplified user workflow and data mapping.

The user simply selects a target KBase® export file. The target export file is prepared using Eos Kbase® Importer technology and then imported into the Sage Estimating estimate file.

Data validation from the source file is automated in the Eos KBase® Importer to ensure that the file is properly prepared for import. Comprehensive error reporting and logging is also supported. The result is a dependable data export workflow to integrate upstream design/engineering processes with downstream detailed cost estimating processes.