Integration Solutions

Today’s preconstruction departments require efficient data flow between complex systems. Manual re-entry of cost and project data is not an option when superior results require speed and accuracy.

The volume and diversity of data that must be shared, coupled with the complexity of integrating multiple systems, often discourages the pursuit of automation. Even when the decision is made to automate, few options are available. Typically, these options are limited to expensive solutions from the original vendor or time-consuming internal development. Eos Group helps our clients avoid the issues commonly associated with internal development: high cost, overly complex design, and lack of staff expertise and experience with creating affordable and maintainable custom solutions.

Eos Group designs and develops numerous integration solutions for ERP, financial, and project control platforms. Whether providing data to, or from, the budgeting or estimating system, we prove time and again that we can deliver multifaceted integration solutions. Our solutions are based on industry-accepted technology standards, which allows our clients to configure the process and data flows required in today’s fast-paced preconstruction environments.

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