Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise is a comprehensive cost management solution. It offers the cost management tools needed for the full project life cycle. It is a multi-faceted, tightly-integrated system that encompasses estimating, budgeting, planning and cost control to measure cost and productivity. It can assist you in managing and controlling your contracts better than spreadsheets or point solutions. Cleopatra Enterprise enables you to have a detailed insight in your cost information for EPC, maintenance and turnaround projects covering Class 5 - Class 1 estimating processes, conversion of estimates to budgets, and managing costs in the project execution phase.

Cleopatra Enterprise leverages Cost Engineering Knowledgebases, 3rd-party cost databases from RSMeans and Richardson Engineering. You can also import your own historical cost data.



  • Comprehensive cost management including cost estimating, cost management and project analysis
  • Suitable for Class 5 to Class 1 estimates using multiple estimating methodologies
  • Supports the complete project life cycle including Capex, Opex and Turn Around projects
  • Real time estimating of material take-offs (MTOs) derived from Engineering Systems and Cost Models
  • Estimates transfer into budgets to support project execution tracking, Earned Value Management and key performance metrics
  • Portfolio analysis on multiple projects including benchmarking and trend analysis

Eos Group leverages Cleopatra Enterprise as a platform cost management for market-leading firms in the Oil & Gas (onshore and off-shore), Petro-Chemical, Industrial, Process, Mining, Transportation, and Energy markets. It is ideally suited for E&C, EPC and EPC/M firms.

Our goal is to improve your business through increased productivity and improved efficiency – a successful combination of Cleopatra Enterprise cost engineering and estimating software, and Eos Group software and professional services.

The Cleopatra Enterprise cost management platform supports a multilayer integrated process utilizing engineering, estimating, scheduling, and project controls.

Cost Estimation

Creating a good estimate requires knowledge. Knowledge that you have acquired over the years. To ensure you make the best possible estimate for your projects, you need to use as much of that knowledge as you possibly can. Cleopatra Enterprise enables you to gather all your knowledge so you can use it when building your estimates.


Cost Management

Cleopatra Enterprise offers forecasting capabilities, Earned Value Management (EVM) and progress measurement to help bridge the gap between cost estimating and cost management. By integrating cost estimating, cost control and project analytics, the full project life cycle is covered for your CAPEX and OPEX projects.

Project Analytics

An organization’s ability to learn is its ability to control its projects. Cleopatra Enterprise's Project Analytics module allows your organization to learn from your past projects. You can compare multiple projects or multiple estimates within projects. It is also possible to compare your current estimates with your historical data. Your comparisons can be made from a global overview, but can also focus on the details to analyze your scope development.