Digital Takeoff

Digital takeoff refers to the ability to measure lengths, areas and quantities from electronic file formats rather than using a handheld scale or digitizer to trace paper plans. Digital takeoff tool adoption is a ‘must-have’ solution with the availability of electronic plans. The primary effect of digital takeoff is to reduce the duration of the takeoff process and leave more time for cost estimating.

Digital takeoff tools provide a visual audit trail of the takeoff measurements, and can serve as digital ‘light tables’, enabling users to overlay multiple iterations of the same plan to determine changes. These tools can also support business development proposals and communicate the estimator’s quantifications to the field operations staff. Digital takeoff tools can serve as complimentary tools for BIM-related processes when BIM deliverables are incomplete.

Eos Group leverages leading tools from eTakeoff and On Center to design, configure, customize and implement enterprise estimating solutions.

eTakeoff Dimension

At eTakeoff our specialty is electronic Quantity Takeoff. There are thousands of contractors in every construction trade who use eTakeoff daily to boost their productivity by as much as 15 times over paper takeoff!

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eTakeoff Bridge

eTakeoff Bridge is an innovative tool that integrates electronic takeoff with Sage Estimating, with features never before seen in the industry.

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On Center

On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) started the industry in 1994. OST effectively scales to support small contractors and global construction enterprises. From plan viewing to quantity measurements to estimating to project management—it all starts with OST.

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