Eos Project Analytics

Eos Project Analytics (EPA) is a configurable plug-in for Advisor that captures all of the comparison information and transfers it to a custom Microsoft Excel application where you can analyze and manipulate your budget data.

You can use EPA to create new cost models to support conceptual or rough order of magnitude (ROM) budget estimates.

Watch a quick feature video

  • EPA captures all of the information in an project comparison and transfers it to a single Excel file.
  • EPA displays all the element levels of detail for the selected budgets in an expandable/collapsable tree.
  • EPA supports reorganization of element levels (e.g. CSI Masterformat, Uniformat, WBS).
  • EPA exports a thumbnail image for each project.
  • EPA supports multiple comparison columns such as quantity, unit of measure, unit price and amount.
  • EPA provides additional features for analyzing and manipulating your budget data, including applying a secondary metrics, allocating factors or markups, and currency conversion.
  • EPA includes dynamic charts, including a High-Low chart, Bar charts, and Ratio charts.
  • EPA creates new conceptual budgets from averages, minimum, maximum or select historical projects.

Eos Project Analysis is included with each license of Eos Advisor. It’s a free upgrade to companies who utilize Eos Advisor as their project history, benchmarking and conceptual estimating solution.