Nick sets the vision and direction for Eos Group. His extensive cost estimating and AEC/O industry knowledge and experience influence his master plan for the organization. By his design, Eos Group focuses on providing services to a diverse client base, implementing enterprise-level preconstruction estimating systems, exploring new product lines to address complex business needs, and partnering with other thought leaders in the AEC/O industry.

Bret is responsible for corporate operations, human resources, legal, finance, and facilitating interdepartmental operations. As a member of the management team he executes and provides oversight of projects in support of the Eos Group strategic plan.

Steve helped found Eos Group and was instrumental in turning Nick’s vision into reality by building an organization that supports clients’ interest in Eos’ expanding preconstruction estimating services. He currently sits on the board.

Professional Services

Andy oversees all client and projects initiatives for Eos; implementing enterprise-level preconstruction estimating systems to a diverse portfolio of clients.

Greg's extensive knowledge and attention to detail, mixed with his many years in cost estimating make him one of Eos Group's top consultants when it comes to clients cost management needs.

Tony brings extensive knowledge of and experience with preconstruction estimating, BIM, and construction management to every client engagement he manages. He is adept at listening to clients, evaluating their needs and requirements, and proposing solutions that meet their business objectives.

With a wealth of experience in cost estimating, project controls, and information systems, Gary specializes in planning and developing Sage Estimating databases. His knowledge and expertise are unmatched in producing estimating databases that transform the way engineers build estimates.

With a keen attention to detail, Tami performs usability and acceptance testing for Eos’ custom solutions. She also responds to technical support requests as part of Eos product support and has been a key contributor to Eos Explorer from the first release forward.

As a certified Sage Estimating consultant, Mike is a premier trainer for preconstruction estimating system implementations. His extensive estimating experience makes him a trusted source for initial end-user planning and long-term usability support.

Jason is a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) with a rich history of success delivering large development projects and solutions to the AEC industry. He drives best practices in design standards and processes in the organization to ensure that all Eos solutions meet and exceed client expectations.

Cherie distills technical concepts and processes into clear, concise documentation for clients and Eos staff. Whether she is writing a user guide, developing online Help, or editing a white paper, her goal is to anticipate the readers’ questions and meet their needs.

Ken’s wide-ranging end-user support and training experience make him a valuable asset to Eos Group’s successful approach to system implementations. He also plays an active role in providing Sage Estimating database development services, training, and assisting with product sales.

Curt plays an active role in Eos Advisor implementations and provides development services for Sage Estimating databases. His robust integration skills make him invaluable at translating data structures between disparate applications.

Joel draws upon his strong background in preconstruction estimating and construction management as he guides the planning, design, and execution of Eos’ next-generation enterprise estimate management solution. He strives to deliver solutions that help clients do their jobs more efficiently and with greater precision. Joel also serves as a project manager for various projects.

Chris focuses on Cleopatra Enterprise implementations. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining our commercial databases and knowledgebases that are available in Cleopatra format.

Seth articulates the vision for Eos Advisor to the development team and defines the product goals, requirements, and priorities to ensure that it meets the requirements of the preconstruction market. He is a top-notch technical consultant who consistently gets high grades from Eos clients for addressing their needs.

Terry supports Eos Cortex Project History and Cleopatra implementations. He has an extensive background in cost and schedule management, and system implementations on major industrial programs related to oil, mining, and commercial construction.

Frank has a wealth of knowledge from working all over the world in the construction industry for 40 years. He's worked as an electrical subcontractor, developer, general contractor, specialty developer, and EPC, as well as a senior estimator. Frank is a key member of our team assisting with the development of our Sage knowledgebases and databases.

Software Engineering

Mike ensures that the development team is prepared for upcoming projects by providing guidance on technology and platform strategy and promoting Agile development practices.

Rick is our Principal Engineer, and focuses on specialty projects. He has a broad range of development experience and the ability to understand the “big picture” as well as the technical details.

Wendy is a Microsoft-certified developer with a deep understanding of Sage Estimating integration. Her development experience, problem-solving skills, and technical creativity round out the Eos development team’s skill set.

Robert develops custom solutions that meet Eos client’s exacting requirements. He deftly meets the challenges of a fast-paced development cycle and quickly adapts to changes in client’s needs. His Microsoft Office integration expertise contributes to Eos Group’s ability to deliver a wide range of application functionality.

Tim is a versatile developer with the ability to span the full spectrum of Eos’ small and large custom development projects. He has a strong background in Sage Estimating integration and excels at building solutions that fulfill client requirements.

Jason plays a key role on the project teams for Eos’ large custom solutions. His broad Web development experience coupled with his flexibility and high productivity add value to each solution he helps develop.

David’s many years of .Net development expertise help Eos Group deliver custom solutions to clients. He also plays a key role in advancing and developing Eos Group’s web products.

Imon brings his passion and many years of software experience from a wide range of industries to help design intuitive user experience and attractive software interfaces.

David brings over 15 years of experience and passion to Eos Group. His expertise in AngularJS and other front-end technologies plays a vital role in the development of future software products.

Business Development

Madeleine is responsible for all marketing material and incentives for Eos Group, as well as administrative support to projects and tasks across all of Eos Group’s departments. She manages the website, carries out marketing campaigns, updates social media content, and tracks product orders from start to finish to ensure that clients receive prompt and complete delivery of their orders.

Sarah is responsible for assisting the Business Development team with maintaining processes and data. She is a vital part of the team, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


Prior to joining Eos Group, Laura worked in several different industries, assuming roles in both public and private companies. She oversees all accounting activities at Eos including financial reporting.

Information Technology

Prior to joining the IT group, Martin supported enterprise-wide deployments for Eos clients. Martin manages the design and implementation of Eos Group’s combined server and cloud infrastructure, oversees system troubleshooting, and provides expert internal system support as needed.