Eos Navigator


Helps you manage the estimating workflow from start to finish using standard processes and permissions


Integrates seamlessly with other commercial software and tools to optimize the estimating experience


Enables collaboration for distributed teams, large and small

Eos Navigator update 2.2 is here!

Seamless integration with Eos Cortex Project History, our industry-leading project history system

New snapshot mode for locked Sage Estimating estimates or estimate versions

Optimized merge estimate functionality

Intuitive estimate checkout and checkin processes


Quick access to advanced Sage Estimating operations

Redesigned document collection panel

Expanded estimate notes panel

and more...

Eos Navigator Overview Video (Lead Estimators)

Next-generation estimate management system

Eos Navigator is our next-generation estimate management system. Building on Eos Explorer's groundbreaking success, Eos Navigator provides the tools that today's organizations need to manage the estimating process across the enterprise.



Eos Nav a simpler experience

Control your experience

Customizable display panels

User-definable views

Fixed navigation pane

Convenient toolbars and shortcuts

Context-specific hover tips, quick info, and expanded help

Integrate with other commercial software applications and tools to optimize your estimating experience

Create projects automatically from CRM, ERP, and CMMS systems

Perform mass updates from Microsoft Excel

Perform Sage Estimating Assembly and Item Takeoff from an external web form

Update Sage Estimating item pricing provided by vendors and subcontractors

Export final project information to accounting and project management systems

Publish as-bid estimates to job costing tools


"Eos's data integration service has given Kinsley peace of mind knowing that all project data in Viewpoint, Eos Navigator, and Sage Estimating will be synced on a daily basis–providing the preconstruction team with more time to focus on the details and less time on data entry."

–John Clemons, Preconstruction Specialist: Kinsley Construction


Eos Nav Portfolio Management

Easily manage your portfolio

Track projects through their lifecylce

Monitor bid schedules

Assess team distribution

Forecast revenue potential

Identify high value opportunities



"We're very excited about our continued partnership with Eos Group and their ability to deliver innovative features with Eos Navigator."

–Walt Davis, Sage Estimating Market Manager: Sage


Effectively perform continuous estimating operations

Enforce standard processes

Enable concurrent activities

Allow remote collaboration

Ensure data quality

Integrate approval and notification processes

Create the reports you need to be successful

Embed dashboard infographics

Manage your portfolio

Compare estimates side-by-side in charts and tables

Roll up the estimate data for a project

Generate detail estimate reports even while the estimate is in use

Export report data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

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