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The Eos Group Piping Database was developed for use with the Sage Estimating cost estimating platform. It supports a broad spectrum of uses, from conceptual stages to detailed estimating stages, or even for use by a piping fabricator or installation contractor. It is also intended to be useful for various types of projects which require piping, from small outdoor pipe installations, to use in building construction, to power generation plants and various types of industrial or processing/treatment plants.

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The Eos Group Piping database includes piping items for the common steel, copper and plastic piping types, sizes (up to 60 inch diameter for some types), schedules, and pressure ratings. The database follows the Eos Group modular database design specifications and can be expanded or merged with other Eos Group modular databases without conflicts or renumbering.

Items have multiple production rates assigned to them for differing installation conditions, which can be selected for the entire estimate or item by item. Items have multiple material price tables assigned to them for differing purchase conditions. Addons for material price adjustment are included in the database.

Eos Group offers flexible database configuration options
  • Material prices can be updated with the Harrison Publishing House (HPH) pricing service
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) labor rates can also be assigned by arrangement with Eos Group and MCAA
  • Page labor rates can also be assigned by arrangement with Eos Group and John S. Page
  • The database can be delivered in metric units of measure (in lieu of imperial units of measure)